Tiverton Town Majorettes Committee

Honorary Secretary
Ms Judith Cross

Judith joined TTM in 1994 but got involved with the committee in 2001 as the Parents Representative, Judith has also enjoyed the position of Secretary for 4 seasons bringing the troupe the Democratic process (paper vote) this completely changed the troupe for the better introducing Health & Safety, Equal  Opportunities, fire drills, sound testing, PAT testing , resident CPO & Inclusion officer , the world wide web & and the Parents Charter, then chairperson for 4 seasons and in 2008 the incoming committee honoured Judith with the position of Honorary Secretary for unbroken service to the Tiverton Town Majorettes, Judith will hold the position of chair for her 19th Season as a committee member.

Judith also along with Mrs Wendy Notschild formally of Bideford Town Majorettes founded the South West Associated Majorettes and has held the position of Secretary since its inception in July 2006, Judith is also the Child Protection Officer for the Association which is now going into its 12th Year of running.

Ms Judith Cross
as Above

Child Protection Officer                                                                                                                             Gemma Coussell

Gemma joined the troupe with the twins in 2013, we are all looking forward to working with Gemma, this seasons brings not only a committee change for Gemma who has just qualified and will be our CPO but her third daughter has now joined her sisters in the ranks.
Gemma is the troupe photographers.



Zoe has now taken Vice-Chair and ready for a new challenge on the committee & has been with the troupe since  2016 Zoe is now a Trainer for the Senior and Junior Sections. 

                                                                                                                                          Minute Secretary

Mrs Vicky Hynard

Mrs Lucy Poole
Lucy has been with the troupe since 2012 and joined the committee 2014.

Representative                                                                                                                                 Mrs Kayleigh Pike                   

Trainers Representative

Miss Cheryl Butler

                                                                                                                                           Parents Representative                                                                                                                                        Mrs Tara Skeeles

Committee Member
Mrs Rachel Hurst
Rachel joined the troupe when her 3 daughter's were tots and now two are on a break the other has moved from tots to Juniors we look forward to working with Rachel for the next 3 years.
Rachel is one of our 3 uniform ladies. 

Committee Members

Mrs Kayleigh Pike
Mrs Liz Golding                                                                                                                          

Head Trainer

Cheryl Butler



                                             Zoe Smith                        Courtney Gooding                      Kim Baker                    


                                                              Casey Chapman               Charlie Long

Responsible Adults

                                                                                                                                                                                        Tara Skeeles                      Kayleigh Pike

Head Trainer: All Sections: Cheryl Butler

                                                                                                      Tot Military/Twirl/Poms Trainers: Courtney Gooding, Kim Baker
Junior Sections Trainer:  Cheryl Butler, Zoe Smith, Casey Chapman 

Senior Sections Trainer: Cheryl Butler, Zoe Smith

Tot Sections:  Charlie Long